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Hearing Test and Its Important

What is hearing test?

Hearing test also known as Audiometric Test is a test done to assess a person’s hearing ability. The test measured sound’s ability to pass through the pathway of ear to reach a person’s brain. If there is disruption along the pathway, some kind of hearing loss will be detected. Severity and cause of hearing problem can also be determine from hearing test.


Why hearing test is importance?

  • The first 3 years of an infant life is a critical period for a child to learn language. Untreated hearing problem can caused delay or inability to acquire spoken language in child. Thus, it is important to detect hearing loss as early as possible in this population.
  • A continuous and long exposure to loud sound have an adverse effect to our hearing. For example, those who often expose to loud noise at work or during recreational activities such as concert.
  • Older population are particularly prone to hearing problem as hearing deteriorate over time due to ageing process. Untreated hearing loss in elderly person often lead to isolation and withdrawal from people.
  • Another reason is to determine what kind of hearing loss we are suffering from. For example, a conductive loss that is caused by sound reduction reaching the brain due to blockage or defect in some parts of ear, if detected early will have a better chance to be treated.
  • Another type of loss known as sensorineural hearing loss is caused by deterioration to the nerves that is responsible for sound processing. Although, it is a permanent loss and cannot be treated medically, this type of hearing problem also need to be manage.
  • Person who have trouble to hear in one or both ear need to undergo hearing test as hearing loss can also be acquired. Early symptom of hearing loss are difficulty to understand conversation, keep asking for repetition, often received complaint from significant others for listening to television at loud volume and to name a few.

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