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Mission & Vision

The hearing enhancement industry provides information; products and support that help individuals advance their communication abilities. What differentiates Best Hearing Aid Centre in the market place is our commitment to offering customized solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each customer. In addition to selling equipment, we are a valuable resource the community draws on for information and education on the prevalent hearing products future. We consider it our role and responsibility to ensure our customers and end users procure and install hearing products that will give them lasting value and won't be rendered ineffective or obsolete before their time. Our vision is to improve the quality of your life, to improve the relationship between you and your family, to improve and gain your ability to belong and contribute to quality your community, we will do everything to assure your satisfaction and benefit with our service.

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Seminar "Parent Support-Group"

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Deaf Festival 2006

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Certificate "Setia Berjasa"

Our Services

With just a hearing aid device is not enough. Best Hearing Aid Centre move towards offering hearing aid services ranging from hearing needs to aesthetic appeal. With the tag line of ‘BETTER HEARING, BETTER LIVING”, Best Hearing Aid Centre is committed to provide hearing solutions for those who have hearing problems..

Best Hearing Aid Centre has over the years established their own repair service which caters to those who enjoy old hearing aids even after several of years of wear. Best Hearing Aid Centre also put extra care into making and modeling hearing aids.

Among the hearing aid services we provide are like hearing tests, hearing loss treatment, tinnitus treatment, accessories like hearing aid, battery and etc. These services help with the hearing loss treatment. We are committed to bring to you the best hearing solutions.

In keeping with our company policy of giving the best service and attention, we have a home hearing service for those who are not mobile. Contact or visit our hearing clinics & hearing care centre now for detail information.

If you are interested in our hearing loss treatment you are most welcome to Click Here to locate our hearing care centre nearest to where you stay in Malaysia.

Our Comprehensive Services

-Rehabilitation & Counselling
-Annually Hearing Tests
-Free Field Audiometry (Aided)
-Hearing Aid Accessories
-Audiological Equipment
-Laboratories Material
-Ear Protectors (Water & Noise)
-Service / Repair of Hearing Aids
-Home Visit