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Phonak CROS is one of Phonak hearing aids platform which known as CROS/BiCROS solution for people with unaidable hearing loss on one side. It’s the smallest and most stylish wireless CROS/BiCROS solution designed to meet your individual needs and preferences. It consists only of two parts – the Phonak CROS transmitter and a wireless Phonak Quest or Spice+ hearing instrument. The Phonak CROS transmitter includes two BTE models and different ITE form factors, each with the choice of a size 13 or 312 battery. They can be combined with all form factors in the premium, advanced and standard performance level. This means sound from your poorer hearing side is wirelessly sent to your better ear. When your better ear hears normally – CROS. A small transmitter, placed behind or inside the ear that cannot benefit from a hearing aid, picks up sound and transfers it wirelessly to a receiver on your normal hearing ear. This will allow you to hear effortlessly even when sounds come from the side where you have no hearing. When you have a hearing loss on your better ear – BICROS. The small transmitter placed behind or inside the ear that cannot benefit from a hearing aid picks up sound and transfers it wirelessly to your ear fitted with a hearing aid. At the same time this hearing aid amplifies sounds coming directly to this ear. Your hearing and understanding experience will improve and your communication capabilities will be better than ever.

Features :

Features & BenefitsCROS H20CROS HS 312CROS FS 13

Real Ear Sound

- The sound from the CROS transmitter is simulated to have traveled through the whole ear and ear canal


-Enjoy real time and automatic optimization to changing environments.

Signal Alerts

-Be alert to an unlikely event of a connection interruption or low battery of your CROS transmitter.


-Synchronizes volume or program settings with one touch either on the CROS transmitter or hearing aid.

Water Resistant

-Housed in the popular M H20 style, meets the industry’s highest standards for water and dust resistance, “IP67”


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