Ambra M H20

Performance Profile: SlimTube HE / HE10 680
Max. Power Output (db SPL) 2cc Coupler (126/131), Ear Simulator (128/134)
Max.Gain (db) 2cc Coupler (55/63), Ear Simulator (59/67)
Battery Size: 13
 Colors: color-Beige Ambra M H20color-Mocha Ambra M H20color-chocolate Ambra M H20color-Black Ambra M H20color-Dark-Cliff-Grey Ambra M H20color-mid-cloud-gray Ambra M H20color-Glazier-Ice-gray Ambra M H20color-ocean-blue Ambra M H20color-Olive-Green Ambra M H20color-chili-red Ambra M H20color-Light-Pink Ambra M H20color-light-Blue Ambra M H20color-Pure-Transparent Ambra M H20color-Purple-Transparent Ambra M H20color-Safari-Stripes Ambra M H20color-savanah-beauty Ambra M H20
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