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Spice ± BTE

Spice + BTE models are available for all degrees of hearing loss and, as the name suggests, can be worn comfortably behind the ear. Incoming signals are amplified and transmitted into the ear via very small, unobtrusive tubes. These models are available in many different colors, styles and designs.

Spice ± Power BTE

Spice + Power BTE models are available in Naída S. Naída S, with new Spice+ technology, offers a complete power portfolio including an UltraPower, SuperPower and CRT model in three performance levels accommodating moderate to profound hearing loss. So regardless of age or budget, the power of hearing delight is available to everyone.

Spice ± CRT

The Audéo S family fuses award-winning, proven designs with Spice+ technology. Audéo S SMART and Audéo S MINI are designed for hearing instrument users with mild to severe hearing losses. While users benefit from smallest size, high style, wireless applications and flexible control, features based on Spice+ Technology offer truly binaural directionality and intelligent, adaptive user interaction.

Spice ± Custom Products

Phonak Spice + Custom Products are designed and manufactured to extreme standards of high reliability and low maintenance. Besides, there is a custom product for mild to severe hearing losses, for every budget and lifestyle.