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Quality to count on

ReSound Enya delivers all-day listening and wearing comfort in a wide range of attractive, discreet designs. All ReSound Enya hearing aids are coated with iSolate nanotech and come with long-lasting protection from water, dust and earwax. ReSound Enya BTE and RIE designs use the new SureFit system for thin tubes, receivers and dark, opaque domes which fit comfortably and discreetly into the ear canal. ReSound Enya offers a superior value hearing solution that delivers excellent sound quality and speech understanding in noisy environments, both indoors and out. With ReSound Warp-based amplification at its core, enhanced features such as Adaptive Directionality, NoiseTrackerTM II, WindGuardTM and DFS UltraTM II provide meaningful user benefits that drive satisfaction. With a built-in tinnitus sound generator, ReSound Enya is also an elementin the comprehensive ReSound Tinnitus program.


Functional Features

ReSound Enya 4

ReSound Enya 3

ReSound Enya 2

Fully Flexible programmes




Synchronized push button


Synchronized volume ctrl




Comfort Phone


Ear-to-Ear communication


Resound Unite Tv Streamer 2


Resound Unite Remote Ctrl 2

Resound Unite Phone Clip+


Resound Unite Mini Microphone


Resound Ctrl app (Phone Clip + required)


Resound Relief app (Phone Clip + required)




ReSound Enya Products :

BTE - Enya


RIC - Enya


Custom - Enya2