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Resound liNX Quattro - Confidence in the finer details

Confidence shines through the finer details. ReSound LiNX Quattro combines brilliant sound quality, an unrivaled full spectrum of streaming, support and personalization with ReSound Assist and the world’s most advanced rechargeable solution – all in one product.  ReSound LiNX Quattro offers a brilliant experience beyond compare with layers of sound to inspire confidence in the moments that matter most. With the highest input dynamic range, ReSound LiNX Quattro leverages the full range of the MEMs microphone allowing sound to be passed to our amplifier without being altered. Therefore, sound is processed in a cleaner way - free of distortion.


ReSound LiNX Quattro ™ Features :



LiNX Quattro 9

LiNX Quattro 7

WARP compression (WDRC)

- number of channels



Binaural Directionality III



Spatial Sense



Binaural Directionality


Natural Directionality II

Directional Mix Processor

Adjustable directional mix


Multiscope Adaptive Directionality


Binaural Environmental Optimizer II


Environmental Optimizer


Noise Tracker II






Impulse Noise Reduction

Wind Guard



Sound Shaper

Synchronized Acceptance Manager

Synchronized Push Button*

Synchronized Volume Control**

Smart Start

Phone Now

Comfort Phone

Ear-to-ear Communication

ReSound Smart 3DTM app

| * Also including functionality for sychronized Push Button Volume Control | ** Only for 62 models |


Control your hearing aids from your smartphone

The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you turn volume up and down or pick a setting designed for your location, right from your smartphone. You can personalize your sound to make your hearing aids perform the way you want them to. Controlling your hearing aids from your phone makes them even more discreet. You don’t have to reach up and touch your hearing aid in public. The ReSound Smart 3D app even helps you find your hearing aids if you misplace them.
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ReSound LiNX Quattro RIE Products :

RIE 61

RIE 62