GN Resound Magna 4 Hearing Aids | Hearing Loss Solutions - Best Hearing Aid Centre

Suitable for people with severe to profound hearing loss

This digital super power BTE hearing aid will empower you to get the most out of your hearing. Discover it's ability to understand and process high pitch sounds such as birds singing and children's voices. The great outdoors is ready to be explored, so challenging situations where wind noise may be a lot higher is seamlessly managed through the device. The ReSound Magna 4 is suitable for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Through personalization of the Magna 4 hearing solution, if you change any of the setting, there is a log of all the changes so that further adjustments can be made to create an effortless listening experience.


ReSound Magna 4 Features :

  • Comfortable hearing without whistling - enabled by DFS Ultra, ReSound’s advanced feedback management system
  • Optimized, high-frequency hearing, such as bird sounds or children’s voices - enabled by Sound Shaper, ReSound’s new frequency compression technology
  • Great sound quality - enabled by Surround Sound by ReSound technology
  • Better speech understanding in challenging situations, also outdoors - enabled by Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management
  • Comfortable and convenient transition between directional options - enabled by SoftSwitching
  • More possibilities for customization - enabled by personalization options in Aventa fitting software

ReSound Magna 4 BTE :