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Three times more powerful than Zōn™ and Destiny™, S Series 5 hearing aids come in a broad range of styles and are a good choice for wearers looking for value. S Series 5 offers features designed for a wide variety of lifestyle and hearing needs.

 S Series 5

Technology Benefit
PureWave Feedback Eliminator Virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling.
Advanced HydraShieldR Proprietary technology designed to make your hearing aid impervious to water, humidity, sweat, rust and corrosion.
T2 Remote Lets you adjust memory or volume settings using any touch-tone phone.
Sweep™ Technology Make volume and memory adjustments with the simple touch of a finger.
Live Real Ear Measurement  Live Real Ear is the only solution integrated into a hearing aid for verifying the audibility of your hearing aid fitting.
Automatic Telephone Response Can detect when you are on the phone and adjust settings for optimal listening.

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