Widex Mind – Best Hearing Aid Centre

Hear high-pitched sounds

High-pitched sounds, such as birdsong and children’s voices, are often the first to disappear with high frequency hearing loss. mind shifts such sounds automatically down into your audible range so you can hear them again.

Converse in noisy places

mind can take into account where you are listening and your type of hearing loss to cut through the noise and make sure you can hear speech.

Easier control of your hearing aid

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember how to change settings or programs on your hearing aid. mind uses actual recorded speech to talk you through the hearing aid’s functions and makes it easier for you to control.

Relax and enjoy peace of mind

mind features a dedicated relaxation and tone program. We call it Zen and it produces a range of random, harmonic tones that can help you relax. And if you suffer from tinnitus, there is the option of a special Zen program to help you manage tinnitus.


The high-end series of mind440 hearing aids features the world’s smartest hearing aids. From the unique Zen relaxation and tone program to SmartSpeak, the innovative verbal messaging system - there is a mind440 model to suit all types of hearing loss. And as it is so easy to fit, it is also the perfect choice for children.


mind330 is packed with features unique to a mid-range hearing aid series to give you a wider range of sounds and superb sound quality.


mind220 is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of high-quality, digital sound and proven technology - all at an affordable price.

Widex Mind Products :

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