Silk X

Your nearly invisible ready-to-wear
hearing experience


Wear it with confidence

So small that it’s almost invisible in the ear, Signia’s Silk X delivers an exceptional hearing experience. One of the world’s smallest hearing aids, you can wear it with confidence, safe in the knowledge that no one will even notice you’re wearing it. Ready to wear, Silk X is fitted with highly adaptable soft-silicone Click Sleeves™ that simply click onto the hearing aids for a secure and comfortable fit.

Crystal-clear sound

Whether you’re in a crowded street, working in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, wherever there’s a high level of ambient noise, holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Silk X tackles these challenges expertly with the true-to-life sound of Signia Xperience. So you hear what matters to you. All day long, in every situation.

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Silk X

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